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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Book Reading

Hi and salam!

I am glad to announce and invite you to a new event that will take place everywhere and anywhere, as long as it's a cool and nice place to 'lepak'!

Please suggest a book that you would like to read or just sit back, relax and listen to others reading it.. It must be a good and interesting book.

Books could be in Malay and English language..

We have a few location awaiting for the thrill.. ;)

1. Setiawangsa e-nak cafe
2. Janda Baik - by the river side!

IF you are a writer / novelist and would like your books to be read, suggest it to me or BeL ( Beyond e Life ) - It's a facebook group!

We are going to do it as soon as TODAY? ;)
Just kidding! Anytime when anybody is free!



The Spiral Eyes said...

aku dah lama nak tulis ni,aku minat kamu masa kamu belakon drama hvd lagi

Shahriza Mahmud said...

Terima kasih, terima kasih, terima kasih!! x 1,000,000,000...