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Friday, October 16, 2009

FB: Be careful friends..

My response:

1. Pity her..I bet she is not even 21 yet.. Baru nak belajar hidup..

2. Padan muka.. ;)..oops, sorry!

3. Pity the boss.. Malu woo! Memang boleh saman sebab memalukan syarikat.

4. Good for him, fb helped him throwing out a bad apple.

5. If I were to be the boss, I will fire her too but in fb? Hemm.. I don't know.. Maybe.. maybe not.. I think I will give her a call or send her a letter without even bother to reply in fb or call her to the office, acted like you don't know anything about what she wrote and treat her extra nice? AND.. a day before her probation period ended, give her a confirmation letter? Nope! Confirmation on firing her immediately! ;) Err... .

Hemm... Am I gonna be a good boss? hehe!

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